School Transport Management System

Let the location-based vehicle tracking depicted in various games bring into reality and incorporate the extraordinary concept for the safety of your school students. School transport is an important aspect of every educational institute. Students` safety is the utmost priority of any educational institute. Provide the safety layer around this aspect and make it stronger, reliable with the help of ScholarSYS`s school transport management system.

Assure the parents by providing an ultra-modern, real-time mapping-based school transport management system that manages the school transports. No more continuous calls from parents if a school bus is delayed as they are well aware of the departure schedule or change in the schedule in advance through the SMS or app notification. Or, let them track the exact real-time location of the vehicle.

Also, provide a protective layer from ill-intentioned people as they will keep a safe distance if they get to know that school transport is monitored by an advanced system. Also, increase the accountability of the school bus drivers by tracking the movement of the buses through a school transport management software that keeps a tab on bus speed and prolonged delay than a specified limit.

Handle the emergency situations with better precautions with these types of software as it stores the details of the school bus drivers, attendants, and concerned staff in the centralized database. Also, the easy-press action button provided in all school buses supported by ScholarSYS`s school transport management software, which can be efficiently used in emergency situations for rapid actions.

Let all stakeholders of a school ERP breathe easy as school transport is considered a crucial responsibility. Do not stake your students` safety, provide them a high security-based school transport management system and increase a layer of trust of parents.

Features Of ScholarSYS School Transport Management Software

  • Route wise Transport Fee Collection
  • Based upon Student`s Pick-up point and Drop point, Variable Transport Fees data can be auto calculated and mapped with fees. Also fix fees set up can be done for all.

  • Transport Alerts to Parents.
  • ScholarSYS School Transport Management system gives a platform To parents where they can get instant alerts regarding their children`s Route and change in route also through App.

  • Real Time Tracking Of Students
  • The exact location of the bus and locations of nearby buses also can be known using the GPS enable bus tracking facility

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • ScholarSYS Transport Management System allows to track maintenance of the Vehicle. Also, the track of important documents like PUC, Driver`s License etc., and their renewal alerts can be set

  • Transport Attendance Management
  • Through ScholarSYS Mobile Application, Student attendance data be marked and alert can be sent

  • Multiple Reports
  • Availability of multiple transport reports helps management in getting profit and loss status of complete fleet management service.

Benefits Of ScholarSYS School Transport Management Software

  • Proper Record management of Buses and Bus Staff
  • All Document related to Driver and Buses can be managed and retrieved easily
  • Auto linking of Transport Fees with Fees Module
  • Mobile App for Route and Change in Route Update.
  • Accurate attendance Report for Students.
  • Easy Integration with Bus Tracking System

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