Online exams software empowers the invigilators to conduct various exams from a remote location using the internet. The automated system overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional exam system and lays a foundation for the new norm. As exams are an essential part of any education course, online exams software revamps them with a modern approach.

ScholarSYS E-exam provides innovative examination process and assessment solutions to Educational Institutions. E-exam offers an integrated suite of the online assessment software application to create, conduct and evaluate various exams like term exam, chapter test, practice test, paper pencil based exam and online question bank.

Features Of ScholarSYS - Online Examination Software.

ScholarSYS, the leading school management software has integrated an online examination software that facilitates the educational institutes to conduct the students` evaluation online. Teachers are free from the headache of question paper generation and management. The multi-language support and question randomization make it a unique software. Also, the ability to support questions on paragraphs and mathematical equations establishes the software as a comprehensive software.

  • Hassle free Question Management
  • Auto and customized paper generation
  • Support figure and mathematical equations
  • Support questions based on paragraph
  • Multi language support
  • Question randomization
  • Question Paper print out facility
  • Unlimited paper and data bank generation
  • Auto result publish and review correct answer facility
  • Integrated with Exam and alert module

Benefits Of ScholarSYS Online Exam System

As every industry is revamping itself, the education industry also needs to seek modern steps to make it fit for a new future. Adopting e-exam is one of those significant steps. ScholarSYS online exam system offers various benefits like eco-friendly, cost saving, time saving, and resource saving, improves the effectiveness, secure and breaks the hurdles of manual evaluation too.

  • Increase exam efficiency by 90%
  • Take exams as per their convenience
  • Prepare a student for further exams
  • Highly cost effective and secure
  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Flexible online examination software

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