School Asset Management System

Every school possesses several high-value assets that are used in school for several purposes. To maintain track of these assets, every school needs a dedicated and custom-made school asset management system. The team of experts from ScholarSYS delivers top-notch software fulfilling the requirements of the school asset management process.

Enable your school asset managers, supporting staff, teachers, and administrators about assured availability of the school assets whenever necessary by effectively managing them with a computerized system. Our comprehensive system for asset management will store all data in a single centralized asset repository. It will ease to control and monitor the entire asset ecosystem as they are several in numbers. Ditch your traditional pen-paper or excel spreadsheet method as the easy interface of our school asset management software will help you to finish the task within less time. So, maintaining the soft and hard assets is now a task of few clicks as the asset register will contain all information regarding each asset like, the current condition of the asset, asset user name, whether it is scheduled for repair, how many assets are used by which staff member.

The mobile access provision for this system will enable the asset manager to handle the system being absent from school premises also. Also, the usage of school assets by each staff member will help the school administrator to estimate the department for education budget (DFE). The efficient trail of assets will help to allocate the school budget wisely.

Let ScholarSYS`s school asset management system facilitate you to provide every student the required asset every time by checking its availability and maintaining it in an efficient way. The best asset management system will contribute in shaping the student`s future in the right way and maintaining the school asset register with the help of advanced and dedicated software.

Key Features School Asset Management Software

  • Multi-Asset Management
  • School Asset Management System helps the organization to manage all the data of asset in a simple manner and also multiple assets can be maintained in a single ERP.

  • Assign Asset In charge.
  • The school can assign a particular in charge for looking after the asset, a person who can manage the complete data of the asset bought and added to the software.

  • Maintenance of The Asset
  • The data of asset`s sent to the maintenance can be managed in the Asset Management Software. The complete log of charges paid for the maintenance can be tracked.

  • Alert of Asset Maintenance
  • The school can set the alert notification for the Asset maintenance. According to the date set for the maintenance, the school will get the notification.

  • Audit for The Asset.
  • The data of asset can be maintained after the audit is done in the school, the log of complete data for the asset is checked or not can get.

  • Multiple Asset Report
  • The school will get multiple reports for Asset such as Audit reports, Asset maintenance, Movement, adjustment and many more.

Benefit of School Inventory Management Software

  • Multiple assets can be managed in single ERP.
  • Multiple categories can be defined for all the assets.
  • Complete tracking of cost paid for Asset maintenance.
  • Multiple reports for Asset can be generated.
  • Quick alerts for maintenance can be get
  • Feature full ERP to manage all the data of Asset.

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