Hostel Management System

Managing hostel accommodation in your school becoming a stretching task for you? Then opt for the domain-expert software. The product of ScholarSYS, the comprehensive hostel management system is capable of streamlining and handling the requirements of a school hostel. No matter at what scale your school is operating the hostel facilities, our proficient software will take care of your vision. Maintaining building information like ward, the number of floors, rooms along with their capacity and facilities is now a few clicks away with the efficient hostel management system. Integrate the students` details with hostel infrastructure details and make smooth management of hostilities. This will make the room allocation, room shifting processes friction-free.

Normally, hostels have joint collaboration with the in-house mess. If you have one, then no necessity to work with another software for mess management. The mess management is also managed by ScholarSYS`s hostel management software efficiently. Now, the facility of online payment for both mess and hostel fees will give a big relief to the concerned parents.

Tracking of students in-out is crucial for hostel management from safety concerns. Outperform this activity by automating the process based on either biometric or RFID technology. Also, accomplish the hostel staff management with a dedicated module in the comprehensive software. Maintaining records of students, staff and keep any activity like releasing any reports, certificates at your fingertip.

Running a hostel is as same as running a school, that involves many expenses. Track record of every penny, with the daily expense feature of ScholarSYS`s hostel management software.

Hostels are supposed to be the second home for the students living there! Enrich their experience by easing the hostel management activities with the implementation of a reliable hostel management system and make them believe that their second home is caring too.

Key Features of Hostel Management Software

  • Room allocation to the hostel students
  • In Hostel management systems the wardens can check, assign the rooms as per the availability of the rooms and demanded category by the students.

  • Manage the hostel students financial records
  • Instead of maintaining with the paperwork, the students who accompanied admission in the hostel, fees management can be configured within The hostel management system.

  • Monitor the assets assign
  • The wardens can manage the necessitated assets in the room, As per the student's requirements, the warden specifies the required category of the asset.

  • Visitors management in the hostel management system
  • In hostel management systems exclusively, the gate pass of the visitors who check-in and out time is generated in the system with eye-catching reports.

  • Hostel students attendance Tracking
  • For the hostel students who check in and out multiple times for outside work, all the student's logs are generated and constantly monitored by the warden in the software.

  • Regular reminders in form of alerts
  • The parents can be get updated regularly as hostel management systems have excellent SMS, emails, or notifications of students admission, attendance, room vacant, gate pass and many more

Benefits of Hostel Management Software

  • Hostel Administrator can control, restrict and allow the students on a permission basis
  • Saves the paper with students' expenses, fees, and account management.
  • Hostel achievements celebrations connected with the school calendar.
  • OTP based gate pass management for security & parent`s consent.
  • Property can be managed effectively in hostel management software.
  • With the software`s error-free performance wardens can generate multiple reports.

Just Take a Trail oncewith ScholarSYS`s Hostel Management System, you will Never Dislike it.

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