Library Management System

Libraries are not just the repositories of books but they are the prime sources of imagination! Enhance the in-library reading experience with customized ScholarSYS`s library management system. Let our comprehensive system manage, track, and accomplish daily library operations within few clicks! Its integration with school management software will bring the library management process under the core roof of school management activities.

The scalability feature of our high-end software will scale the computerization of all in-house operations of any size and any type of school library. Our intuitive and compatible software has in-built for barcodes, QR codes, and multilingual fonts so that book management can be a piece of cake. Make your acquisition and cataloguing process simpler. The easy interface for this will help the librarian to go through the entire cycle within few clicks. Achieve the serial controlling of books by handling the constituent processes like subscription, renewal, or even cancellation of books.

If your staff gets tangled in the book`s circulation process every day, then make the process smooth by adopting ScholarSYS`s tailor-made library management software. The exceptional Search feature of this end-to-end library management solution will help the stakeholders of schools to find the desired book without spending valuable time in shelf-searching. Advance your system with the Online Public Access Catalogue or OPAC and ease the search of books by entering just keywords. Relieve your staff with efficient MIS reporting related to your school library that will help to foster effective decision-making.

If you are worried about the inventory management of your books, then we understand the value of your asset. ScholarSYS`s library management software with in-built data import/export and data management will make inventory management an easy-going task.

Let ScholarSYS`s compatible library management system enrich the reading and working experience in this holy place. And this will lay a foundation for an innovative future!

Key Features of School Library Management Software

  • Multi-Library Management.
  • The organization can manage multiple libraries in a single software. The interface of Library Management Software is so easy to use. The entire library data can be managed smoothly.

  • Issue, Return and Reserve the Books.
  • The librarian can easily Issue, Return and Reserve the books for students, also can take the penalty for return due from students and teachers.

  • Barcode Integration
  • Barcode is integrated with Library Management Software to import the data of all the books in bulk, It helps in book issue and return process by just scanning the barcode.

  • Availability of Book Online
  • Students can check the availability of book online in mobile application, they can check the status of book such as Available, Borrowed, and Reserved.

  • Take the Penalty of Book
  • School can manage the penalty charges for books due for return, also alert can be sent to parents for reminder.

  • Attendance in Library
  • Attendance can be taken in the Library Management Software for students, class-wise and division-wise. According to the lectures for particular class, In and Out time can be maintained.

Benefit of School Library Management Software

  • Simple and easy interface to use for School.
  • Data can be managed on cloud efficiently.
  • Data can be accessed in mobile application.
  • Auto data import with Barcode Scanning.
  • Saves time for manual work for data-entry.
  • Alert can be shared to parent for book return due.

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