Student Assignment Management System

Assignments are an essential part of academic life. It carries the capability of impacting significant differences in students` internal grades. If your teachers or supporting staff are worried about how to handle these valuable assignments for every subject, class, student, then relieve them by offering the featured ScholarSYS`s student assignment management system.

If your teachers are stressed as assignments are frequently held, then bust their stress by providing an ultimate solution for the management of assignments. During the changed learning method, the focus has already shifted to the online form. So, the shift from manual to an automated system for efficient management of assignments is the need of the hour.

Improve the internal grading system of your school with the student assignment management system as better management will eliminate the risks of loss, tamper, and alteration of assignments. The organized view of student`s grades for each subject will help the teachers to focus on weak subjects.

If you are a teacher, then you have the pain of creating so many assignments for various subjects across different classes. Remove the burden with an easy assignment creation feature. The file attachment feature will allow the students to attach the files of various formats including images, slides, text.

It is a common complaint of many parents that assignments are not evaluated by the subject teachers as they run out of time. But defuse this complaint by providing a solution that has role-based access to the assignments submitted. Increase the level of trust and transparency in your school`s internal processes by implementing ScholarSYS`s student assignment management system.

Encourage your teachers to evaluate the students with a better student assignment management system. Let the best results and accurate management shape the bright future of the students.

Key Features of Student Assignment Management

  • Student Workload Management.
  • Students can submit the assignment according to the end date of the assignment and can manage their day-to-day workload easily with mobile application.

  • Subject-wise Assignment
  • Teacher can provide the assignment according to the subject-wise and can assign to multiple classes on a single click with the help of mobile application.

  • Multiple Attachment Available
  • Student Assignment Management System provides the functionality to attach every type of document for the ease of students such as PDF, Word File, Image`s Etc.

  • Status of Work Completion
  • Once the student has submitted the assignment, the teacher can mark it as completed from their end, so the complete status of each student can be tracked.

  • User Friendly Interface.
  • The complete interface of Student Assignment Management System is very much user friendly; the students and teachers can easily access the data.

  • Assignment Approve Reject
  • Assignment can be provided to the students on the approval basis of management. The teacher can assign the assignment after the management approves the workload of assignment.

Benefit of Student Assignment Management System

  • Easy to access the data in mobile app.
  • Assign the assignment with mobile app subject wise
  • Filter the assignment date-wise via mobile app
  • Multiple attachment feasibility ie. PDF, Word, .jpeg etc
  • Create assignment for multiple classes on single click
  • Quick assigning with the time duration of submission

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