Tracking Tangible And Intangible Resources For Seamless School Management

An educational institution stands on many pillars. Some are visible and obvious others are invisible, but are nevertheless working silently in the background. These are known as tangible and intangible assets respectively.

The visible assets that are physical in nature are referred to as tangible assets. They could be long term or short term assets. Some examples are buildings, land, equipment, furniture, transport, computers, etc.

Intangible assets are those that cannot be touched, yet add value to the institution. These could be in the form of goodwill, reputation, recognition, loyalty , etc. These are created in the mind, such as a design. An efficient school system displays a fully functional website and in-house technology, systems and processes. This is where ScholarSYS school ERP application plays a significant role.

Tangible Resources – Foundations Of An Efficient School

The ScholarSYS school ERP has been designed keeping in mind the various tangible resources that need to be kept track of, in a school. Some of them are detailed below.

Library Resource Management

Books are an invaluable resource to any school. Maintaining their records, issuing them, ensuring their proper return on time , etc., can be a complex scenario to deal with. For ensuring smooth school management of its valuable resources, the ScholarSYS Library management software helps in classifying books in various sections, managing Book requests, takes care of the barcode scanner feature, keep track of lost or damaged books, maintain fine reports , etc.

Fees Management

An important part of smooth running of a school management system is an efficient system of collecting student fees. Even discounts given to particular students under scholarship category, school staff kid, financial assistance , etc., can be managed very easily. The ScholarSYS school ERP has prepared the Fees Management Software keeping this in mind. This app helps manage fee instalments, generate fee receipts, using online payment gateway to make hassle free payments , etc.

GPS and Transport Management

Safety of the kids is a prime concern of any school. ScholarSYS school ERP has designed an excellent School Bus GPS Tracking System. A safe and secure way to track live vehicles. School administration can get a route detail report. Likewise parents too can access the live location of the school bus on their smartphone. This is a necessity in today,s insecure and turbulent times.

Intangible Resources – The Lifeline Of Schools

The ScholarSYS ERP also takes into account the intangible resources of a school. Human resources is the biggest asset of any school. Detailed below are some of the highlights that enable smooth functioning of a school management system.

Biometrics Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Attendance tracking of the school staff is an enormous challenge. It enables access to only authorised personnel ensuring security of the kids. Moreover these machines are not LAN dependent. Thus they can used in areas where LAN connection is unavailable. These systems are simple, easy to use and accurate.

Smooth Communication With Bulk Sms Integration

Communication between parents and school and vice versa is of paramount importance. Similarly clear and accurate communication is required between management, staff and administration. All this is made possible by the bulk SMS integration feature provided by the ScholarSYS School ERP. Instant communication occurs on a daily basis saving a lot of time, effort and resources.

Analysis And Reports Feature

To establish smooth school management, it is vital that every school adopts a transparent system of dealings with the concerned parties. For this purpose, all records need to kept in order. This feature enables ease of access to all records and reports. Moreover it encourages quick decision making and prompt action. It also makes it easy to identify problems, if any and rectify them.

Prominent Features Of The ScholarSYS School ERP Application

Human Resource Management Software

The school relies heavily on its staff for its smooth and efficient functioning. Therefore care must be taken to ensure that the employee records are maintained in a proper manner. It is important to maintain their attendance and leave records. The academic calendar is necessary in all schools which gives a clear picture of the academics and activities to be conducted throughout the year.

Grievance Management

Understanding a problem is half the solution. This requires good listening skills. The ScholarSYS school ERP has created a module for an Online Grievance Redressal System which deals with all types of complaints and grievances. These can come from any quarters be it parents, students or the staff. All complaints received are logged. They are further maintained and their status is often checked to ensure that they are resolved.

Target Management

One has a better chance of hitting a target if it is in sight! Setting goals is an important part of one,s training imparted in schools. Teachers have their targets of finishing the syllabus or course on time too. So do students who are given deadlines to submit in their assignments, worksheets and projects. The Target Management application created by ScholarSYS helps in creating targets, maintaining them and generating reports if required.