Video Tutorials for Students

With the increase in digital content consumption, children are more likely to watch a video rather than read a chapter. Videos are also a great content format to help the viewers understand the topic thoroughly.

The video tutorial feature in ScholarSYS works along with other features to offer a complete learning management system to the students of your school. Using this feature, teachers can upload lesson videos, videos on certain topics and concepts, and other videos that help students understand complex topics with their creativity.

The learning management system in ScholarSYS works offline which means that students can either stream the videos while they are online or can download them when they have an active internet connection and view it offline whenever they want.

Benefits of the Video Tutorial Feature for ScholarSYS Users

Video tutorial along with the other learning management features of ScholarSYS school ERP software offers multiple benefits to its users. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Easier understanding of each concept for students with quality visual aid provided by their teachers.
  • Easy to use and upload videos on the school panel within minutes.
  • Share links of every video through the software panel itself.
  • Downloadable resources that can be viewed online and offline.
  • Students can view these resources whenever they want and however many times they want.
  • Great for revising complex topics before an exam.

Learning management system in ScholarSYS school ERP software has much more to offer. Click on this blog post to read all about it.