Why ScholarSYS is the best School Management Software in India?

Cloud based School Management Software is a platform that allows you to take all the major school activities online and helps in managing them effectively in a robust manner. Since the Covid-19 outbreak has occurred, it has become difficult and as well as risky for schools to manage everything offline. This has made advanced technology-based Online School Management Software is the need of an hour. 

While there are hundreds of options available for schools among different School Management Softwares in India, our 1000s of customers have chosen us after exploring a lot of those options. We are happy to share that ScholarSYS has proved to be the best school management software for them. In this article, we will try to cover some interesting points which make our customers feel the same about us.

ScholarSYS – One Stop Solution for School Management 

ScholarSYS is a school management software that was launched back in 2015 with an idea to provide an advanced and easy-to-use software system to the schools, colleges and educational institutions. It was launched with the objective of allowing institutions to manage their day to day functions effectively.

We have created a one-stop solution for managing the administration of whole school activities including students, staff, admissions, classes, hostel, inventory, library, transport management etc. It caters to all the needs and requirements of schools, parents and management and ensures effective organization.

How is ScholarSYS different from others?

ScholarSYS is designed by working closely with 100s of stakeholders of educational organizations to solve key problems through modern technology solutions. Our young and passionate team of 50+ full-time professionals is fully dedicated to the betterment of the platform and better customer experience. Our relentless efforts to innovate and bring the best of technology are putting us in a totally different league than others. 

Our uniquely designed customer onboarding and support mechanism become an additional reason for a conviction to choose ScholarSYS and nothing else. Having a dynamic system that supports self-configuration and detailed rights-based access brings an ultimate level of experience to our customers. Our Mobile-first approach enables all the stakeholders to use the app productively for even better efficiency.

Some Important Features

The Modules available in the ScholarSYS gives you major tools required to manage school activities effectively and in a robust manner. We have listed some among a lot of the features of School Management Software available under ScholarSYS to enlighten you about our software and why it has been chosen by 1000s of happy customers.

From the admission procedure through customized forms to cashless payment of fees, ScholarSYS has automated Admission Management Software that covers everything required, from end to end. It has an integrated CRM which also covers the management of admission forms/inquiries submitted by students or parents through the Inquiry Management Tool. This software not only improves the efficiency of the administration department but has also proved to be extremely convenient to parents enrolling their kids in schools.

To manage all the activities of the whole academic session in an organized and effective manner, the ScholarSYS school management system has everything covered. You can arrange the classrooms, live classes, timetable, material sharing, diary etc without any hassle with this module. You can also plan the lessons through lesson planner with great ease with Academic Management software. 

ScholarSYS provides organized modules for exam management as well. With Exam Planner and scheduler, you can easily schedule the exams and notify the same to students and parents. You can also declare results online and send auto-generated report cards to the students or parents with a chosen suitable layout. With Result Reports, you can also analyse data subject wise, class-wise, section-wise or teacher-wise.

With the ScholarSYS School Management System, schools can easily manage human resources such as staff details, attendance, leave applications, holidays, and payroll with necessary reports. It gives centralized Rights to schools with which they can effectively manage the access of all the stakeholders including teachers, parents, administrative staff, librarians, hostel staff and all other people involved. Managing library, inventory, hostel, transport and other resources becomes extremely effective and efficient.

While managing school, it is often difficult to manage finance. However, with the smart ScholarSYS Fees and finance module, you can keep your entire finance up to date. Through Payment Gateway, you can digitize the collection of the fee making it completely cashless. You can also offer a No-cost EMI option to parents for easy fee payment. In-depth company or trust management with income-expense management and reports is highly suitable for educational organizations. Tally integration with auto-syncing of ledgers makes audit and financial reporting extremely easy and productive.

The management of school data and its analysis is the most difficult task if done offline. It requires a lot of manual labour which is subject to errors. That is why ScholarSYS School Management System also has integrated Data Management software with which you can manage records, files, classes, subjects, teachers etc either department-wise or year-wise according to need.

  • Easy and effective communication

The ScholarSYS school management software does not only help to manage all the activities but also acts as a communication portal. You can send automated SMS and Emails to parents, students or even staff for any communication. It also allows you to make a voice call which is providing the great level of experience to our users. In all, it takes care of easy and effective interaction among stakeholders. 

We have built an advanced technology-based Mobile Application for easy access to all the stakeholders. It can be downloaded free of cost by relevant students from the Google Play Store or Apple store. This gives convenience to the users and also ensures that no update is missed with the feature of push notifications. So, anyone can access their account on ScholarSYS on the web or Mobile App according to their ultimate convenience. 

Other Features: The other valuable features that this platform are:

  • Utilise Id card designing and certificate generation tool
  • Generate report cards through the platform
  • Automate birthday wishes to all the stakeholders
  • Manage gate pass entries digitally
  • Generate QR code-based Id cards for ease of operations across departments

In all, ScholarSYS is the complete management platform that works as an operating system for schools. No wonder all these features available with ScholarSYS have made the experience of our users the best. This is why we have always been the best choice of School Software Management System by hundreds of schools.

Benefits of School Management Software

To Management

Management is the busiest personnel of the school. Therefore, systematic and robust software is required to handle their administrative functions effectively. This is where ScholarSYS has proved highly beneficial as they get to manage everything from one place.  Some of the benefits for management are:

  1. With an automated admission system, the management is highly relieved from a lot of hassle
  2. Automate attendance through RFID/Face recognition for staff and students
  3. Management dashboard for a bird view of daily activities
  4. They can make reports year-wise, department wise or class wise according to requirements
  5. Track activities by staff and performance of students
  6. Track financial inflows and outflows effectively through web and Mobile App
  7. They can effectively use announcement and Gallery features to communicate about achievements or progress and new initiatives by the institute
  8. With integrated modules, they can manage the information flowing within the system
  9. With a centralized rights management system, they can grant personalized access to everyone with desired limitations
  10. Become a truly digital institute which builds the reputation of the organization and hence enhance growth

With all such advantages, any school can envision better management with the School Management Software by ScholarSYS.

To Teachers

The integrated School Management System provides greater convenience to teachers in performing their day to day roles effectively and saves a lot of time. Here are some of the advantages to teachers:

  1. Automated student attendance
  2. Computerized management of student examination and marks
  3. Conduct live quizzes/tests through the App
  4. They can share learning resources in the form of documents, videos, audios, PDF or even YouTube links at once to all the students
  5. They can check weekly lectures and proxy lectures
  6. Effective and easy interaction with parents
  7. They can manage class information and form analytical reports in one place
  8. They can also send SMS to parents or students
  9. Build a strong connection with their students and improve students, learning outcomes
  10. Improve students, learning experience and engagement

With all these advantages, teachers can save a lot of time and thus avail more time to their students.

To Students

The School Management System by ScholarSYS provides a greater advantage to students as well. With access to each and everything on their laptop and mobile phone, they have the ultimate experience so far. The major advantages to students are listed as:

  1. Enhanced interaction with teachers
  2. Access to attendance, timetable, marks and examination schedule
  3. Access to homework, projects and assignments
  4. Easy access to all the material shared by the faculties
  5. Anytime anywhere learning resource access through App
  6. Strong connect with school
  7. Attend quizzes or tests on App for an interesting learning experience
  8. Liberty to browse through the library books catalog and identify the books to be issued.
  9. Prior information about school events and holidays
  10. Liberty to participate in discussion forums

With this, the students are relieved from asking for necessary information about school and class activities. They get to access everything easily and can also communicate through this software for quick communication. 

To Parents

With ScholarSYS School Management software, parents have been really satisfied as they get updates about everything related to their kids. Some of the advantages they have been experiencing are listed below:

  1. They get reliable updates about their child’s performance, marks, progress and reports
  2. Closely stay informed about class activities, homework, assignment and progress
  3. Stay informed on exam schedules and key dates
  4. They can interact with teachers for any issue regarding their kid
  5. They can have prior information about school events and holidays
  6. Stay updated on their kid’s progress and challenges
  7. Closely get an opportunity to observe their kid’s overall schooling experience
  8. Receive updates about school achievements, new initiatives and extracurricular activities and opportunities provided to kids
  9. Become an important part of their child,s positive experience of school life through timely and accurate information

Apart from this, parents remain involved in every activity regarding school and their child that relieves them from unnecessary worries.

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